Information About Other RAI Tools

InterRAI has developed a suite of tools focusing on assessing adults with complex and disabling physical and mental illness. InterRAI is currently developing and testing an integrated suite of tools that build on a common set of assessment items with the intention of being compatible across care settings. To date, there are 13 instruments in the suite, each of which is comprised of an assessment form, a user manual, triggers, clinical assessment protocols and status and outcome measures. The instruments are accompanied by tools that assist with using the data in clinical settings. These tools include the assessment protocols, case-mix classification, scales, quality indicators and screening algorithms. The 13 instruments in the suite include:


Community health

Home Care

Assisted Living

Long Term Care Facility

Palliative Care

Acute Care

Post Acute Care

Mental Health

Community Mental Health

Emergency Screener for Psychiatry

Contact Assessment

Intellectual disability

Persons with disabilities


This information was taken from the interRAI website