Information About RAI 2.0

The RAI 2.0 is a comprehensive, standardized instrument developed by interRAI that evaluates the needs, strengths and preferences of adults in chronic care and long term care facilities. The tool consists of an assessment form, instructions, and care planning protocols and allows healthcare providers to assess function, mental and physical health, and service use. The RAI 2.0 includes the minimum data set (MDS) a screening and assessment instrument, as well as the Resident Assessment Protocols. The instrument also provides access to the client assessment protocols, validated scales to measure ADLs, cognitive performance, pain, depression and other areas, validated quality indicators, and a case mix system RUG III. The newest version of the tool, interRAI LTCF, and the RAI 2.0 are currently being used in several countries. The tools can be used for a variety of purposes including care planning, facility management, needs assessment, policy development, quality improvement and benchmarking, reimbursement, research, and service eligibility.


This information was taken from the interRAI website